Out Now: Brett Burleson “Songs For My Friends”

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Songs For My Friends

Jazz guitarist Brett Burleson took influence from friends and fellow musicians, inspiring the pieces on this record. Some tracks developed from sketches that he recorded with drummer Ryan Jewell (Ryley Walker, Psychedelic Horseshit). The other half of the record features Burleson’s quartet, featuring heavyweights Eddie Bayard on tenor sax and Roger Hines on bass. The result is a record that seamlessly balances traditional jazz structures and experimental melodic instrumentals.

Out Now: Aloonaluna “The Gilded Hegemony of Stars”


Available now on limited edition vinyl or digital download.

Lynn Fister’s Aloonaluna project is well known in the cassette world. She has released full length albums on Hooker Vision and Digitalis Limited, plus split cassettes and 7″ singles with the likes of Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Ant’lrd and Starry Crowns. She has been featured on Pitchfork’s The Out Door column, Tiny Mix Tapes, and NPR’s All Songs Considered.

Distributed through Revolver/Midheaven.

Out Now: Bloodthirsty Virgins’ Self-titled Debut

Bloodthirsty Virgins

Like a great revenge movie, Bloodthirsty Virgins deliver songs of heartbreak, betrayal, and redemption. Inspired by classic cinema and literature, their sound is both tender and dangerous. Their debut album is out now on vinyl and download.

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More New Vinyl

Awards Banquet “If Not Now Then Summer”

If Not Now Then Summer is the debut album from JP Olsen’s band, Awards Banquet. A record of alternately sunlit and seething Olsen originals, it evokes the homemade sonics of Flying Nun, the airiness of Loaded-era Velvet Underground and the driving menace of early Suicide, all the while supporting Olsen’s lyrical wit and memorable, deadpan vocal delivery.


John Stuart Mill “Forget Everything”

First time on vinyl. John Schmersal’s (Crooks on Tape, Vertical Scratchers, Enon, Brainiac) 1999 solo album released under the name John Stuart Mill marries the off-kilter chord progressions and guitar tuning of his work with Brainiac with a subdued lo-fi vibe. Order Now